Saturday, April 5, 2008


"To Our Valued Catalog Drop Ship Suppliers,

The EDI transaction set 856, Advance Ship Notice/Manifest will be required for all catalog drop ship purchase orders so we may provide our customers with tracking information. This EDI document is one of the mandatory documents that are required as part of Doing Business with AAFES. Partner’s currently sending the ASN are required to start sending the tracking number in element REF02, with a code of 2I in element REF01 and the carrier name in element TD505. These segments/elements are expected in the Hierarchical Level - Shipment. The e-Business Rollout Group will be contacting partner’s not sending ASN’s to start the testing process. Please contact the following EDI Rollout Coordinators should you have any questions:

Polly Galmore, #214-312-6814 or
Toni Wells, #214-312-4952 or
Janette Wood, #214-312-4904 or
Valarie Trevino, #214-312-4073 or
Debra White, #214-312-2966 or

Thank you for your support"

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